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tumours, the proper tissue of which, had almost completely disappeared.

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(6.) There as yet exists no microscopical or physiological proof that eczema

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a male, first seen by me at Moorfields Eye Hospital on September 10,

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Bleeding of the type described is an almost constant symptom

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the scalp for a distance of at least 1^/'., inches from the edges of

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useful in certain cases, as, by mixing 20 c. cm. of such serum with

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gitis, were truly Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis. Owing to certain causes the reports on file

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chronic diarrhea and allied affections, as well as diseases con-

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production to heat dissipation decides the temperature.

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from the pollen globules, are attached to the ends of these ca-

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be the germ of at least one variety of the very fatal

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alysis of this case has already pointed out or suggested

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drug enters the sac and not the tissues. After with-

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uate of the Medical College of Ohio, Cincinnati, in

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The advantages of the treatment now about to be laid down

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bis brotlier from Bichelsdorf (near Berlin,) and in conse-

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that shed any definite light on the subject. This being true, it is

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