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I shall endeavour to give a very brief sketch of the physiological

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ism, was admitted complaining of violent pains in all his extremities. These

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Also, Reprint. — tie Oendre (P.) Traitement du dfilire,

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was, also, paralysis of the abdominal muscles, with weak and

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deprived of food. When the sternum was removed^ all the structures were infiltrated with

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with bladder irrigations. At the present finger as a guide, one blade of the forceps

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$2,500 behind. While the money is in sight to almost liquidate that

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ful depravity in all cases, when unaccompanied by intellectual defect or dis-

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a No. 20 American catheter are made between the lips of the wound and into

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tain micrococci, and it is by the presence of these micro-

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tric mucosa with the stomach brush, as described by Rum-

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struction of the hair. All the follicles in the region do not contain

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I have here a pamphlet, pubhshed in Canada in 1854,

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application of that well known experience in surgery

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Hydrothorax, caused by augmented pressure within the veins of

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and which seems to be dependent on an arrest in the development of the

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pressing on the bladder, and irritating the wound, than they benefit by their heat.

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At the Iowa Station five lots of 6 pigs each, averaging 205 pounds,

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plan of treatment, and the patient is doomed to succumb

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the costal pleura. In the upper lobe of the right lung a sharply circum-

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Causticum is, also, a medicine of much importance in the treatment

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only exists in imagination. Chemistry has shown, that in place of

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other preparations that form a ])rotecting pellicle upon the skin. In

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control and survival rates to date. A recent report by

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media plus pars nervosa) ; there is none in the pars anterior (Plowcll).

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breathing a great deal slower (50 per minute). After

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dium by short, flocculent bands of recently organized lymph.

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more satisfactory results. For my own part, I am so far

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Superficial — hot packs, infrared, paraffin bath, whirlpool

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Her condition did not vary materially from the above during the ensuing

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thra it would pass no further, consequently the end of the bougie merely

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but let the influence be never so small, we are not, on that account, warranted

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the Attharva A'eda. In six hours the bandage was re-

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striking, examples of such spread are recorded, but, on the other hand,

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