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especially on the leirs. the development of ulcers of varyin«j size and
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especially in foals. As we have already said, the ears are stiffly pricked and
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prranular very small. The cases in the second group, or those with an irregu-
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out of them, speaking well for modern methods of treatment of the
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breath. The examination showed a very weak heart sound,
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26 mg. glyceryl guaiacolate; 20 mg. theophylline; 5.4 mg.
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century work of Drs. Bunce and Griswold has left its
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in Case XXXVII. depletion evidently added to the prostration of the
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by the employment of this drug. In one case especially,
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hopes to acquire a large portion of the Province if his
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reflection, that the means resorted to by the English law to determine sucli
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The fact that the hair is regenerated after a time in the bald areas dis-
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cluded, which was cured by the vaccine, and that then
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of the Royal College of Surgeons. He then, though we believe
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formation of hairs when found in a diseased ovary. Mr Ander-

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