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damaged infants are now preventable. However, rarer

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a glass. One of these, dried and burnt, gave forth a garlicky odour.

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ing as high as 140° F. (60° C), and that this hot air de-

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pncea, a high tem[)erature, and extreme prostration. Death took place within a

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tributed. In another point of view, however, the prognosis is most unfavor-

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able danger. Death in these cases does not always ensue from the

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odic intoxication have been carefully studied and no such relation discovered.

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Vascular) .and there atop of the rock, jicering down on us, w;is a very strange

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the nails; podoscopists, who studied the signs in the

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we not in the very midst of men who are leading the

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able condition it is suggestive of a nypldlitlc gumma, adeuoma, sar-

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elsewhere is it or anything like it to be found. At the com-

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(2) I'ost diphtheritic .\dhrsions of the Soft I'alato ... ... ... TJH

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Street names: “coke,” “snow”; when combined with heroin,

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longer pronounce the word, but, after long study of the written word, and

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we should go thoroughly into the patient's history; personal, family,

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listen." Then repeat very distinctly the digits in the series

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aper ? Is the public health thereby in any degree affected ?

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Case 727; H. B., age 23; native of Germany; baker; Ward 30, February 27th, 18T5-

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cerebral topography permitting accurate exposure of the desired

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cent, is surrounded by counties having very much lower rates.

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logical standpoint. Am. Pract. & Xews. Lcniisville, 1896,

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only the uncovered parts are represented. Figs. 458 and 459 give the

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recognizable amounts in every urine, and I may say in this

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Towner act will shortly be available to the Bureau of Maternity and

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veyed by children suffering from the fever that propagated the

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