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tion of systole was still more marked. It may be suggested
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the hands. The lungs being thus extremely inflated, a long-
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occasional, though rare occurrence, however, of intracelhilar stages
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1 Vide Nystcn's Dictionaire de M dccine, etc., 1858. Also, Yalleix, op. ft'/.,
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partly on their number. Thus it is obvious : that if a patch of sclerosis
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drates will compensate for an insufficient ration of costly
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them to a dusty atmosphere. This injury is, in the first
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place, securing a larger space for one or two of them later on.
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marred ; without careful graduation and proper adjusting of the intensity
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has arrived. Where an operation is clearly required, the con-
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Applications of Antiseptic Spray in the Treatment of certain
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ward the close of the operation the patient had a s%ht
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the edge of the epithelium two days after operation. A, end of the epithelium
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husband made a munificent donation to the Westminster
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hepatic ducts and to one of the branches of the vena porta©
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would be essentially a horseshoe fistula, and it would probably take
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missible through the nasal mucus from one person to another.
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sent into the city. In connection with that part of the milk supply
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This book contains the names and addresses of officers and
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120, fell to 90. In a few days the appetite returned, the patient
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sation iiOm the moment it placed foot on the shore of the
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pathologist are Ornithodoros moubata and Argas persicus ; the
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this antagonism was also in effect in the stomach and
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with us .f* Very lately a brother surgeon here had a case of it in
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there is considerable development of connective tissue and in which the
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Well, gentlemen, I shall not pursue the subject further;
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next day (within fourteen hours from the time she was taken ill) she
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states, especially muscular pain, as shown by Dr. Tuman.
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that time, and the collapse must be due to widening of the arteries
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Strappin'i of the testicle is an admirable mode of treat-
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agree with Freud or Jung, but that this unsophisticated patient,
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in children, and it occurs almost entirely in children under nine

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