on the other hand, its preventive power is absolute, if it is injected
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tryptophan while normal gastric contents cannot do this. An
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claims the destruction " of the lesser for the benefit of the
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pure white is on the first floor, is well lighted, and perfectly
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lized water. Only the outer extremity of the canal is again
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which may result to complicate and increase the gravity'
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disease, even with weak currents, the contraction lasts longer than in health ;
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Inebriety. 291; enlistment of consumptives, 292; sani-
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with that woman, I believe I'd quill her and have done
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kidney was slightly enlarged, nodular, the pelvis enlarged,
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a year later, while getting out of his buggy, this little
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getting worse of late. Bowels usually regular. He complains of cough, which has
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symptoms ; and he has apparently proved that there is
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bowel near its mid point and squeezing out its contents,
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6. When the haemorrhage remains confined to one of the striate or optic
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connnonly in the right. This pain lasts with diminishing intensity for
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ments. Early in life his mind was turned towards the medical pro-
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these patients required secondary gastroenterostomy.
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such glands as were already enlarged and palpably diseased.
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(gretfe oeulaire). Wien. ujeil. AVchiischr., 1886, xxxvi,
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to break the law of the land, to find the most advanced and
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had occurred. But it frequently happens that there is more than one fit.
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number of peculiar bodies that resembled ganglion-cells and
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Description. — The white walnut is an indigenous forest
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Db. Davis J. Davis, Dean of the Medical Department, in intro-
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the kidneys produces irritation and prevents their normal action
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his foot. The pain became rapidly milder and I went into the next room to
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these are very instructive. The author remarks on the value
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with tinct. digitalis gtt. 20, spt. nitre dulcis gtt. 40. Drink freely of
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sometimes did harm instead of good. While no definite
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playing field — as if there ever was a level playing field for

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