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yields to none in the amount of original and borrowed

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monotherapy in noninsulin-dependent diabetics uncon-

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no bacilli were found. Although the tubercular infiltration extended to

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and even flept there, yet none of the crew were attacked with it ; and,

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a much larger series of cases has been studied. For the determination

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Operative cures and recoveries. 270, or 95.4 per cent.

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Bloxham — a case in which he had transplanted a finger

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Tbday, United Missouri still makes a difference. It can

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Case XXVIII. — Graux has reported a case' of associated paralysis of two

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stated and section meetings, largely contributed to the

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fessor Grassi himself and other observers. Professor Koch, being at

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molecules of gelatin. For the sake of simplification we assume com-

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Rochester, entitled “Osteoma of the Paranasal Sinuses

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through the middle of the pedicle. Each half of the pedicle

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relieved the head, the hiccough and the heavy exhalation from

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means but little more to zoologists than does the expression "the tadpoles

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omy. The new college is to be called the Medical De-

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doubtless be very serviceable to the student or to the

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the patient became delirious ; in another, that of a young lady who had used it for

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with his back to the horses or to a steam-engine, and if by accident his

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seldom the case. Children, as a rule, take ether well ;

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intermitted one may apply some astringent (vinegar, alum, lead

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A. F., aged 26 ; nine years married ; six pregnancies ; three children (the

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rapid and feeble, the blood pressure being extremely low. The mouth becomes dry,

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nerves, to the medulla oblongata. {Philosophical Trans-

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of symptoms, labored breathing, dyspnoea, violent cough, pinched counte-

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he determined to try the experiment on his own judgment

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the nails; podoscopists, who studied the signs in the

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every probability, some sort of medical instruction given in

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— These, of greater or less severity, are among the commonest and

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muscle, in the lymphatic glands, or in both. In both groups,

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indicate time of beginning and cessation of work. T, curve of temperature of the body.

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