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"tlieTefore, it is in accordance with that of Graves, Trousseau, and Ken-

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in 40 per cent, it was one of these two organs that was affected,

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disease, the surgeon’s technical ability, the anes-

size up xl results

Otolaryngology in Irvington. Dr. White McK. Wallenborn presided.

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Schools, 956; The Communicable Diseases of Childhood, 959;

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the coming of peace, many foreign publications and journals

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stopping his onting gra|)eH aixl giving jambol needH. IMh gen-

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strength may diminish very rapidly. Sir J. Clark, in like manner, found it

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bash, St. Louis & Pacific Railway." The three meetings were

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med. Wchnschr., 1887, xxxvii, 1 57; 1289.' . DieEnt-

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from 20% to 50%! '^ with fewer cases among community-

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no use in the treatment of epilepsy. Sclerotinic acid

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outside but in the vicinity of the appendix, which, if left to itself,

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