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once, as it enables them to find companions who are in
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tice in being less philosophical and less socialistic than
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had been obtained. This I inferred from the presence
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of his address " The Proper Position of Recent Surgical
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obstinate, and chronic the cutaneous affection is, the more marked is
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From hepatic abscess the points of diSe-rentiation are —
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will meet with entire and well deserved success. — Dublin Correspond-
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medicine, and the list of the doses in which its several
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some cases of anchylosis, chiefly from long-retained position, as a general rule,
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Nolan, J: V., Kannapolis, Jeff. Med. Coll., 1921 1921 1922
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rather than practice. Embryology, physiology, pathology and
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course of overwork and terrorism at school or at home culminates
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6 to 12 years of age; Vz tablet 3 or 4 times daily. HOW SUPPLIED White, scored, sugar-
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that all sprouting weeds are killed as they show themselves.
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hour named some peculiar influence is exerted on them. This condition
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sicians in central and southern Georgia with a can Board of Anesthesiology who has formal
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The figures in parentheses give the number of fatal cases.
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a. Crystalline sublimate, — Immediate formation of ciystals
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words or not. Shown a written question, "Are you a hundred
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gested condition of the mouth and throat, with formation of much
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to operate, they must do more harm than good. Certainly they
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any tenderness. It was on this date, September (J, that myeloblasts to
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Also: Rev. cliii. (I'ocul., Par., 1885, v, 20-29. Also: Eec.
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quite understandable, and he draws attention to the presence of
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the milk, the initial number of bacteria introduced through process
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Atlantic County Medical Society at Atlantic City, N. J., on De-
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Association met in Chicago in 1877 Dr. Squibb was present with
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toxic substance in killed fresh agar cultures. His work has been confirmed
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teriological diagnosis was often unsatisfactory. He
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which are common to almost everything in this world. The advantages
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Simply this: tlie country would be inundated with spurious medicines.
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tion, but his general health was perfect. Eighteen months before, he developed
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and became so well (though still labouring under the aortic incompetency
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Sharp-Warthan, MD, 13347 Warwick Blvd., Newport News
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four years her pains were never any worse, but at times
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administered. These may fairly be excluded from con-
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preparatory treatment, and had learned the complications.
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