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of known strength. Sojne polarimeters are graduated directly in sugar

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to be in it, and at first I thought I must have opened the intestine.

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point out, in all honesty, which of them are a " weariness of

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tant element of progress. And it is one that is all the

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tion is assured. The charcoal may even destroy the infectious agent, and it

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less suggested that it may occur as a purely functional disturbance, from

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among the most prominent may be mentioned crowding men together in

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together, in a clean copper vessel, without any portion of the metal oe B

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much discussed, was due to the abuse of tobacco. The atten-

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of the Surgeon will not avail if the strength and vitality of

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Aritojysi/. — The appearances, on examination of bodies dead of hy-

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I afterwards learned that he completely recovered, and is

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presidency of M. Furnouge. Several Continental and English

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plates. The following morning the plates showed a pure culture of what were

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the greatly lowered blood pressure, which interferes with the adequate blood

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We extend to you the hospitalities of fraternity, and, by

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fulness of the saline as does the promptness with which it is used.

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as immune only the individual in whose blood the parasites will not

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was made by the City Council the present year to cover the necessary

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recovered without any means being taken to save it.

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Particularly do I lay stress in these cases upon the dusting

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branes and inflammatory products ; and the prognosis of sclerotic cases is

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He had used the traction splint of Shaffer in a consid-

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costal spaces. It is occasionally present in more diseases of the

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influence which light exercises upon some animals is of

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thnjuirh the uterine sinuses, and no kills by inducing paralysis of tho

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grown thin and haggard during the past three months,

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as soon as the patient begins to feel pain, the anaes-

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the serotum was enlarged with so satisfactory a result that the i)atient

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Spasmodic contraction of various groups of muscles is occasionally

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regarded as one of the most constant lesions of cholera. At

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