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Diagnosis. — Meningeal haemorrhage, acute hydrocephalus, cerebral con-

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but at that time he was prevented from doing so by sickness.

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discovered a foreign waxy roll-shaped body, about 4 cm. in size,

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Sutcr and other" have shown that tile numbers cannot be consult .0

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one in which the illness runs the quickest course. Raillet states

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Nature herself evacuate the humours, was considered second to no

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columnae, chorda tendineae, and the aortic and auriculo-

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1 Centralblatt fur die medicinischen Wissenschaften, 1875, page 529, and 1876, page 322.

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intellectual capacity is altered in a morbid, irritative way.^ It does not

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from which these drinks can be composed, we must, never-

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phenomena, prior to and independent of such inflammation. It

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general shaking of the muscles, the spleen is always enlarged,

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or authorize the examination of all applicants for license by

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there were cogent reasons why the surgeon should lop

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St. Louis Medical Society, moved the appointment of

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Guyon had suggested the removal of a part of the cap-

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ber of the Minnesota Society of Internal Medicine and

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higher than that of the morning, while the temperature of each succeed-

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and so were all the other children. Of course, he could not say that the case

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and local boards of health, in matters relating to the subject of tuberculosis.

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present in considerable amount before growth of mold is inhibited.

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hours was 15 per minute, with an occasional deep sigh. Other

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National Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic ;

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under the circumstances I have named, as cause and effect; and

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The physician's duty to the community means the bending

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serve as an adjuvant here." Were this the fact, then must

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tiate the history obtained from the patient. Whenever

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