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the end of 1987 in the first significant federal legislation on

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submitted to the action of the fluid taken from the stomach became

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By W. J. WALSHAM, M.B., F.R.C.S.. Senior Assistant Surgeon

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effect has passed off, and is, therefore, contra-indicated.

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eral of Odessa, they could not remain at Pyatigorsk.

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he consumed it in levities and strenuous inanities.

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eral discussion. Many lantern-slide demonstrations have been given,

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overcoming the resistance. Even here, however, true to their

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should also be given to the digestive, circulatory and renal

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quently become cancerous, they are comparatively seldom affected with

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each other, and then sutured in the corrected position, thus

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4 panan, O. a mon, H. 7 Pape, B.; para, O. 8 nu, B.

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In treating the disease the patient should first receive creasote.

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tissue become a mass of moving globules, pursuing every course

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five, or 83.3 per cent., without recurrence in the fourth year. There

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Sachs and Altmann 54 thought the Wassermann reaction was due to

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afternoon. There can be little doubt that at his age [fifty) the

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50-97 (Annesley), 19 35 (Parkes), 179 (Innes at Secunderabad).

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The medical profession is cordially invited to attend.

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must carefully repeat this if necessary. The price of pure chloroform

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number of students were asked to work up cases and present

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Knoll. Deutsch. Zeitschr. f. Chir., Leipz., 1905, Ixxx, pp. 461-75.

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circumstance appeared unfavorable for lithotrity : the bladder, though healthy

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tologist, but, unhappily, does not lend itself easily to the purposes oj

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leg was shown to have restricted motion and to be painful when handled. Apr.

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floor of a dwelling is divided into boxlike compartments, called cubicles.

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case occurring in a man aged fifty years. He had no other

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ference tlierc were to be seen one or two superficial sulci running

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years ; severity, 1, 2. [Six sittings ; complete relief.*] Nearly every

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tical classification of the methods of preparing tinctures, as this

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