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state of the ground, and if in an apartment, that of

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that the migraine is growing worse, and may do the patient

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According to the data of Table 22, there were 427 nonpellagrous

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Life is then* destroyed before the eruption is matured, and without any

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state of the individual as regards quiescence or activity must be

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surfaces, and especially by those attended with severe pain. But these

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This was confirmed by the demonstration of the toxin and by the iso-

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10. Children would have to leave home too early and would not get

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there is usually a moderate increase of the leukocytes, which rarely

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caused, especially of the Ever. The antagonism between this organ and

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now oflfer for the taking of such a step is that they have

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of the arterioles is particularly affected. The alterations in the

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The plan of treatment advocated by Professor Golis,

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six to twenty times in the twenty-four hours. The urine is colourless, as

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Spontaneous Rupture of an Abscess into the Bowel. It would seem that

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to which they had been subjected prior to having consulted him. He says

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be the dyspnoea, the palpitation on exertion, the arterial and

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Fig. 28. — Pulse from a child suffering from tubercular meningitis which has assumed the bisferiens type under

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bably dependent upon the anatomical fact that the lymphatic

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as one of the best and wisest men of his time, "confessed that

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died of tetanus and her constitution was delicate, she was treated

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hey should do unto you,' should be strictly observed on these occasions.

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Beaumetz, is undeniable, and is remarked alike by pa-

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of 104'' F. was reached and large doses were given.

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Time has prevented me from making personal inquiry as to the

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twenty-five grains." — [See Murraifs jMateria J\hdica, article '■'•Potassx

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form a joint. The joint is surrounded by a closed sac called the

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7. Some diseases of the nervous system, including the

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pletely relaxed. An attempt to arouse him failed, his head fall-

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Case I. — The patient was a man, thirty-five years of age,

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vessels ; it diminishes the tickling in the larynx and trachea, and sub-

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mingled with an indescribable murmur or noise, such as I had not before

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temporo-sphenoidal lobe. No flattening of convolutions. No distension of

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read a list of twenty-three names of men viho, he said,

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