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stance, it is therefore necessary to change the application every few days.

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patient becoming profoundly comatose. Catheterization of the

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to me that conservatism should rule. It would do no harm to open the abdomen

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was no further haemorrhage and no fever. The incision, as usual, contracted to

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for an annual conference or caucus with the societies

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tinction between weakness of intellect and unsoundness of mind, and that

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Indiana in consultation and found a woman almost pulseless,

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minutes to do. They provide full and free movement of the body in an

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the evidence of the witnesses, said it appeared to be quite clear that the

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when it was an almost unknown affection a few years

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the inability to find pus-making organisms in the culture first made was

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fields and are subjected to the predisposing causes of cold and fatigue.

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is erysipelas ; and contagious pneumonia, if the reverse of this

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treatment was pursued till the 27th, when she left the hospital.

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Third period. — After three months* good health, at-

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When it reached 100° the ice-bag was replaced. The

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motion which is caused by the movements of the horse in the former,

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Quarterly Report of the Carey-street Dispensary. By Dr

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green rays, etc. A black body, however, does not (theoretically)

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forearm ecchymoses available to the medical profession

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transmission of the poetic inventions of former times j because

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caid was the primary payor for 20.6% of discharges from

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cases the head of the pancreas was enlarged, and in

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mur. First murmur, a loud bruit de soufrlet. Both murmurs heard in

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of function and reconstruction of the different portions of the face, trunk and

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body crystallizes in large prisms or trans])arent tables; it is very

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