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instruments while directly viewing their field of work. A
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sides of the face by destroying the nucleus of one facial nerve, and the fibres
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■was given physostigmine sulphate gr.lj^ (0.1) in 3^ drachm of water
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and pulmonary or cardiac complications render the prognosie
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so than when taken into the stomach or administered hypo-
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sonal eminence contributed a smaller factor than the
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more than three times the Canadian rate, and it is more than
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an apparently normal state of mind, but the instability
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terest. All articles and correspondence should be sent to the Editorial
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tensive degeneration and necrosis of cells and fibers. Repair
portion of the lid and could be follawed inward and
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of our 11 examination rooms were non- functioning. At times, it was quite
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infectious diseases of the gastro-intestinal and respiratory tracts in young

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