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and on my arrival found him in such agony that he immediately

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habits. For the details of classification the reader is referred to Avorks

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adopted in tunnelling companies resulted in a very striking

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ject to the representatives of the people in both houses of Congress."

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large rectal tube, not a small catheter, must be re-

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are brought about by bacteria, and the bacteria serve as food for protozoa

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liaference to this state of the optic apparatus, Haekensie says, Ch. XVIfl. Sec. 11, " Although Uie

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another entirely unexpected formation was discovered.

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this healthful practice. And in all cases of immoderate sweating,

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through the anterior urethra by the meatus, and only

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sometimes applied, though this name is of wide interpretation, and

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open camp. Another test near Buenos Aires, of which careful record

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d. Precipitin reactions with normal blood serum from a male.

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as he knew, never had any swelling in the groin until a

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was more common after gynecological operations than in the general

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passes into a condition of profound adynamia. Death is produced by

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Von Graefe's new modified Unear extraction ; for the other

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Lard Garlics thought it would be satisfactory to the House

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Prognosis. — The duration and severity of the attack

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accusation is made. In some instances, as in respect to rape 'on infants and

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usefulness of various members have been pointed out over and over

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calcareous deposits in an old caseous nodule, and their

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sius (= 100J° F.), and often above 39° C. (= 102|° F.). You will

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fact, not to be approached by ordinary mortal footsteps. It was twenty

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to an author named Polydorus Virgilius,^ whose work I have

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can readily show that there is here only an apparent contradiction,

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hereditary history of the disease, but more commonly the

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dependence of the affection on the use of spirits in the manner stated.

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