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the meantime it is important that we should adopt as
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The only drug which seems to be of genuine benefit is
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lieved, and much more common than these 108 cases would imply, in-
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and gastrointestinal history is entirely negative. Her menses
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profound influence than in others. Thus, another subject compen-
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logically those of the pars intermedia than those of the anterior lobe. Groups of
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purative inflammation of the conjunctiva, which had involved the cornea,
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outer and more extensive circles are devoted, of course, to
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ady. It is a slow progressive disease as a rule, sometimes
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the dilatation. The intra-canalicular growth of the
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commanded between decks, and directed him to see all the great
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wifery, it was surprising to find how few of the authors of such
on or before Monday, 2d August, and be removed on or before
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taken not to overdo them, which will make them stringy.
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ing after Rainebowes duringe alle y' Time 1 have been here.
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irritable, feeble, and have nearly as many attacks as without the
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the microscope. Functional diseases causing disablement
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nerves before. I have finished the entire draft of the Walkilre
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have died. He added that he had never observed so marked a degree of failure
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of Dr. Howe's death at the early age of thirty -six.
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headaches? Yes, from eyestrain. How is your appetite?
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spot remains visible when the normal vision has become restored. The exist-
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pensable ; yet it is extremely rarely seen. The seat
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the integument ensues, a soft fluctuating tumor makes its appearance over
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Dr. M. called the attention of the members to the great difference of the local
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"Saw Miss Wood's arm. The arm was considerably swollen, but not more
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mined by means of a simple electroscope. 5 The radio-thorium from
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cohesiveness of the atoms of each molecule, is dependent on
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of November, the temperature began to rise, pulse ditto, and in
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Note to Contributors. — All contributions intended for insertion in the Original
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in four cases. Broncho-pneumonia, nine cases, three
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dullness and moist rales in the right apex. The patient suc-

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