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tions, should authenticate them with thajr names — of course not

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It seems, then, to have been a form of the same disease, differing from

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is adjusted and prepared beforehand. The most perfect

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cases described. An infected wound in a joint may (xaae

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and Bordeaux, and the east and centre of France, in rainier

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the beginning they occurred about once in six months ;

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cation are seen." Further examination showed occasional characteristic giant

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It is by no means our intention to enter upon an ex-

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minutes must be spent in the palpation of the pulses.

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oftentimes almost dimibbell-shaped when on edge, and

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examined, states that in 798 autopsies performed on females who

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For those with limited experience the original method is

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of the middle and anterior third, after strain of the voice

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from California to Maine again, looking in vain for a chance

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second place, it is worth remembering that we have questions

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produces such immediately destructive changes in the testicle

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symptoms. Destruction of only a part of the gland is also relatively unim-

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by enlargement and induration of the inguinal lymph nodes and

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cloths wrung out of hot water externally applied with benefit.

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make an examination of the seat of injury only, shortly before the time of

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in length, and of a semi-lunar form. On the side of the right

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nutriment which passes by the portal system, and cause a

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why we should not find dead leucocytes under other circumstances.

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tion, and retiuired nothing more than a knowledge of the

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advance of that occupied by Priestly, and from which his

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1 progress. No profession is more hospitable to new

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