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betes, as it seems to me it unquesliotuibly has acted, I am not prepared

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mirably in the brave Captain Latham's and another officer's

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glauber salts, have been prescribed. Although we can do little by

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a Kai ^ irv pa kou ayjupac, aTCW[ur\yjiv(Tk cruv onrcji vtrpy, Diosk.

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before us, to what extent chronic hepatitis may proceed without giving

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on the stomach, as after very large meals, rapid eating, the ingestion

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most common of diseases, we do no* find enrolled in the long

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tongue and lip centers are probably more or less iden-

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from other state societies. The Committee hopes that those

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b the r^on of the liver is usually felt, but not invariably. The pain is

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or may be general. It must be borne in mind, however, that the parts

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pain. Mobius has advised hypnotism in the treatment,

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ardberg has collected 10 cases. According to this writer, the}' occur

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no relief Latterly he was examined by other physicians, who

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minations that have been made; and it accounts for the association of three

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lithotomy, in one lithotrity, and in the sixth case I declined opera-

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of possible disease of the spine should be examined

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ccmtracted so firmly that at first I experienced difficulty in ex-

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30 Vomit, Coffee — Diseases of Brain, Nerves, Glands, Lungs, Skin.

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seen after excessive doses over extended periods; milder after taking continuously at therapeutic

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according to Fuller, is most useful ; then strychnia or galvanism to

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one third of the cases, according to Dr. Gowers, the lymphatic glands

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a year or two, but soon their roots reach down to the un-

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effusions, whether due to cardiac, renal or hepatic diseases, or in-

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thereby lessen the mortality from the immediate effects of the opei 1-

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had been reestablished, and yet excitability had not

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cum"; " Mistura Oleoai^s"; " Gargorisaia Cirichouse Acidus"; and Gar-

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This revealed great thickening of the intima and media, the

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eclampsia and one of pre-eclamptic toxemia with only one ma-

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sure of healthy and well-nourished flaps by operating

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