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luminosity. It gave the face the look of being painted white and
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tion is assured. The charcoal may even destroy the infectious agent, and it
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Socieie du Chirurgie in October, lay2, alluding more
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correct transcript of all the testimony taken has been filed with the
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Bouillon. — Bouillon is rendered cloudy. The sediment, which
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ships, but the simplest explanation which which can be oflfered for
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pratiche snll' uso della segale cornuta nella tIyst<H'ia
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tralizing acids only when these acids are not already satisfied by the bases
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Mrs. F. she suffered a rapid increase of all the local symptoms
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this kind of treatment. Its adoption as a matter of routine in injuries to the
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nates unless timely arrested. Here the disease originates
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ice treatment and poultices, will fall more and more into the
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Scott Donkin, M.D. Edin. Xewciistle-on-Tyne. Reprint. iS03.
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to the student of Cerebral Anatomy and Physiology. It tersely
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titioners the opinion prevails that there is a spe-
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pliable, plaited affair, conforming to hygienic principles
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O'Brien, Danifel Samuel ...... D. C. Davis Wisconsin.
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an extremely witty and sharp critical paper i tion. They have just completed their
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House, Occurring in the Course of an Epidemic in a Large City.
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It is well known that the use of the bowl in cases of recent conQnement has
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ation was undoubtedly undertaken, since it was thus employed up to quite
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under strict supervision. If there exist serious indications of
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by the nature of tlie processes involved as by our ignorance of the
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with ease, and would reach the extreme points of the lungs
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orbital nerve, and the negative on the left side of the chest,
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much out of pure love for his 'oases ' thai human nature be-
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