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improve nutrition, by rest, fixation, freedom from irritation,
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conversely, the pediatrician profits by information in the obstet-
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hot baths. Especially for pain tinctura opii camphorata
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applied over the inflamed joints is apparently opposed to this hypothesis ;
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with serum, and a comparatively small proportion of purulent
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(according to the above theory) to be shortsighted on a bright day,
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are explicable by that kind of metamorphosis through which, in
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inferior thyroid artery in its extracapsular course.
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rescl, 1888, viii. 21-23.— Aleksiii (A.N.) Sluchai malya-
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interesting to notice that it maintains a temperature above the sur-
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being the subject of a paper by Dr. Senn before the
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treated therapeutically. Dilatation and irrigation of the
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(S. F.) Ulcer of the foot; a case. Peoria M. Month.,
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on pressure, and after eating. The stools are of a dark colour, and contain some
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a matter of doubt. The author discusses the subject of cystic
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describes a method which he devised in 1900, and has used with
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cence, calorescence, investigated by Stokes, Leonard, Kundt,
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of 38 deaths, 14 were caused by typhus-and typhoid fevers.
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Jeaffreson, Horace, M.B., elected Resident Medical Officer to the
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remarks hold good in the case of the pain and tumour. It is sometimes
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lightful story of the puzzled immigrant who, quizzed
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as pelvic pain and pelvic mass may not be present when
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tained and may consist of an isolated mass of tissue resem-
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Let us take a brief retrospective view of the past.
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regards higher animals which are gifted with an intelli
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position as for simple palpation, and no uterine contraction existing, two
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died. Hence the mortality may be considered as 1 for 6.348780 of those
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enema; the leukocytes rose from 7,C00 to 17,000. The blood-
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and Elizabeth. Master of the Barber-Surgeons' Company ;
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cough and excitement are induced, its frequency is increased,
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hydrothorax, pleural exudations, tubercles, congestion of the
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middle of December, when she noticed what she thought was
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have been observed by themselves and others, in which
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"Saturday night paralysis." It is quite a picturesque
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