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was an epidemic of winter diarrhooa. Wollstein, Oonradi, and

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wter, -ben that por ton of *e tody -S»£™ wkcs plac e m«

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bedside and laboratory work. Now, on the whole this must be

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He believed that gout existed in America to-day to a

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tion. In this stage we lose our typical dis- grateful for the literature they so freely

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phia or opium with either tannic acid, or the acetate of lead, or bismuth and

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of the kidney, first made use of the term perinephric abscess. It is better to

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xvii, 307. Also: Aerztl. Prakt., Hamb., 1894. vii, 34.—

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intestine did not cause immediate death as in the unimmune animals.

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index" plays an important part i. e., the ratio between the percent-

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When alcohol is conveyed to the plasma the metabolism of the leucocytes

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the same, but it did affect the mortality. Of nonimmunized

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in America a corps of 65,000 microscopists would be necessary.

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tact: ACHS, 39000 Bob Hope Dr, Rancho Mirage 92270.

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The Absence of Fever. — My patient declared that she had never

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cases which have shown us the liability of mistaking

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to the park-keeper, soliciting the honour of his acquaint-

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adhesions or extra-pericardial lesions interfere with the distention

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tioned that the most gratifying results in our treatment of laryngeal

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, , , , ., 1 J 11 ]• J J? battery and inserted into a hair follicle, with the opposite pole, the hair

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in utero, and before the new claim of lactation is established. On the other

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"^ Kitasato : Zeitschrift f. Hygiene, Bd. vi, p. i.

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dark colored fluid : — the left lung was in a state of extensive suppuration.

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and in a condition of fullest vital activity ; to detect and follow by some

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tuberculosis has two practical bearings which are of considerable

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sent to private schools. It will be seen that the increase

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inclining towards the cart-shed, and, on introducing my hand, I was

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Most commonly pleurisy is unilateral on the right side but is

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animal life, such as nerve-fibres and blood-vessels.

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