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should be suitable to the season ; woolen clothing should be worn

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accepting this supposition. The first is, that when the exudation reached

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cept the head and heels. The muscles are hard as stone, and are the

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ous to recite, seem to point in a direction opposite

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the tonsil with forceps and then cut off the different pieces

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as a child, and was obliged at an early age to carry heavy pails

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have been pretty well established as to the germicidal ac-

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six months or more. Four patients have shown some form of relapse.

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During the past summer, the writer was consulted by a gentleman

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failed. In no given case of puerperal endometritis are we

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feature of pseuilo-hypcrtrophic paralysis, one cannot help suspecting that its

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larynx and trachea (icithout fluctuation); dyspnoea and dysphagia

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With eighty-nine illustrations. Philadelphia: Henry C. Lea. 1880. Pp.369.

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strate their freedom from infection. About 12,000 were thus

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slight disability. It was true a great many cases of

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cases erysipelas, supposed to be at an end, revives. The fever reappears,

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*doors, as will maintain the body at its greatest vigor. This and recreation

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prevails, must have been employed in its treatment. None of them exert

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liberal use of replies to letters I directed to my fellow-practitioners. I do

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in peri-uterine exudate that lasts so long, brings the patient down, and

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sent to an insane hospital unless he is actually insane. Practically all cases

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A. Broca [Oazeite hebdomadaire de Medecine et de Chirurgie, Ann^e xl.,

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those who want to avoid the rigor of a northern winter — in all

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