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Lond./ vol. ii, p. 81). But the science of common sense is dis-

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into the ocean it would be good for the fishes and bad

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2. Encysted form of the same species of Ameia. Note the small size and

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arations for this day give earnest of careers of usefulness to mankind and

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and one-half to three ounces had been given. No ill

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himself, to inquire into the qualities of his nrine. But I postpone

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and down the ward of the asylum, and in striking at the shadow of his person

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the latitude of big men as the forty-second is that of big

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corpuscles, was removed from the arm by venesection ; and it was

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epithelium lining the cavity of the uterus is shown. ( x 250.)

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exposure. Murchison, on the other hand, found that in the larger number

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The dried secretion forms crusts, and sometimes, especially in children,

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quite independently, and Bengal is the part of India in which

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the fluid extract (2 to 4 Cc. — | to 1 dram) is given. It is a purgative and

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cult to explain, fix>m the inflammatoiy changes in the lung and the

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pelvis so as to form an obtuse angle with the thighs, and will retain that

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the gain which is computed to have taken place while the animal was

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tric irritation of the medulla oblongata augments, while more powerful irritation diminishes,

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must always remain, an open question ; for, with respect to reported cases in

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averages about 14 mm. in thickness. It is apparently not hypertrophied

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as a rule, cancer-cells conform to the type of epithelium of the part in which

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been wounded. The lady's garments were saturated with

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Flora Hastings. The facts set forth by him, exonerate him, says one

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tain the conditions under which "the conversion of chemical tension

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charge serous, the capillary action had done well; but, so soon

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phosphorized proteid termed nuclein, which possesses

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is administered by a doctor of Meadville, Pa. Mr. Hughes

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tabla The dura was intact and pulsated normally. A wick was

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general and vaso-motor innervation in particular, and through

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place along both these routes. The occasional occurrence of

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2. Ambard's coefficient is not infrequently higher than normal in

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the slight differences between colours which are evident to the

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choroido-retinitis in one eye only, consequent on a very

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