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ously when their cuticular covering is removed in the course of the

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tive functions; as has been verified by Dr. d'Arsonval's numerous analyses

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of the organ. The left lateral lobe of the prostate was enlarged in-

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aphtha in the mouth, or a deep redness, with smooth and dry state

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December 9, being convalescent, while her sister was, 9 a.m., putting clean

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Resident Medical Officer (House-Physician) to the London

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comprehensive groups — the benign and the malignant.

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trolled in the past. In order that in the twentieth cen-

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Time has prevented me from making personal inquiry as to the

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medical man composing it should use his best endeavor

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officers. The most complete organization of this kind is that of the State

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cohesiveness of the atoms of each molecule, is dependent on

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large, in others they are small and quite granular. They are by

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than fourteen years ago put in use by Mr. Robert Hare, Jun.

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In the second series, containing 39 cases, the sac was

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Another important question concerns the possil^ility of the simul-

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dependence of the functional symptoms of the disease upon anjeraia, which,

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cases proved severe and the patients declared the treatment very

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the Pathological Society of London, etc. With woodcuts.

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the cost of publication, and so places a valuable work within the reach of

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greater than might have been imagined from the radiograph.

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^«BOttgh to derive all the advantages of the bath.

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Nervous influences originating in the central nervous system, in the

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Dr Strachan of Dollar remarked, that in countiy practice the

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everything; or in the waters of some particular spring,

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numbers can state the true proportion. The inmates of hospitals have a

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ently. Tbe difficulty of making out wuether it is really all nonsense or

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longitudinal riblike thickenings of the external surface of the

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Surgery Review Conference, every second, third and fourth Wednesday, 4:00 p.m., UAMS Education Building, Rom G/141

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