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about five months pregnant— but found the utenis normal. Showing
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has sometimes striking curative effect, and is always worthy of trial. I have
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subserved by the other cranial nerves. In short, the cerebral conditions
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Andrewes and Horder, and later Cumston, seem to have come
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time ; if any moisture appears, life is present. 9. Putrefaction is an absolute
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that the intestine was completely filled, to within an inch of the
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there being any solution of continuity of the lymph- vessels. In tuber-
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secretary and Dr. Frank £. Hart, corresponding secretary, all
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three metallic bodies in situ. All the needles, as yon see
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Agent for England and British Posse.=sions, Ch. L4NGE, 6, MonkweU-street, City.— May be obtained of all Chemists.
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The solution is facilitated by dissolving in hot water. This makes
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types of the same disease-process — a process modified in particular
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inhalation of a full breath, which is attended with a shrill sound, very
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Dr. Gibant had seen two excisions of the elbow and two of the knee both suc-
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does it every year, according to the present by-law, it would be of no efiect. It is utterly
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Magenschleimhaut,'" ' an article as yet evidently unseen
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somewhat rare for insanity to come on during pregnancy ; on the other
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Trifacial Nearalgia. Ccrrico-Occipital Neuralgia. Ccrvico-Brachial Neurnlpia.
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wards she had a fit. Subsequently she had nine other fits. They began
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fever 62, measles 93, small-pox (West Ham and Bradford 2
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1S83, Heft 2, enters into a discussion of the differential
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original Greek, was rediscovered in 1838 by Reinhold
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promise you I will talk enough on any subject that is brought
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1877 (February 9) Second Medical Practice Act adopted.
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lypus could be easily detached without imperihing the
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in primipara usually given was about twenty-one per cent.,
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to the crystals of hamctioidme. When a young woman menstru-

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