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Avashed in tap-water and then brought up through a series of

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neys showed a chronic diffuse nephritis, with secondary

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face ; the last, which, in disease of the heart, is more of a

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The more familiar procedures of practical hygiene may be

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Priestley believed that this supply was afforded by vegetables,

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tion. Ibid., 1892, xxxviii, 3. Abth., 169-183. . Ueber

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very acute cases ought to be given the chance of these absolutely

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to examine the stools to detect the cause and remove it — e. g., curds of milk.

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from the shock of the operation. No coroner's inquest

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anatomy of the disease, — such as, 1, the blood-vessels

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its utln^>^t. iiiul tlif iippointod hour fuuiul thf vacant

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elimination. There seems to be a period of acid reac-

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boldly employed it with the most gratifying results.

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were two natural constrictions — viz,, one at the

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different from that in a tissue cell. The nucleus is the first to divide, and

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result, however, was a total failure, as the grafts were not

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a variable period, usually bearing some proportion to the duration of the

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As a physician. Dr. Pierson was untiring in his attentions to his

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raised and in a vertical posiiion. The „g,jjg^ i„^oong tumour— muliilo.ularcysts;

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of complaint as a special form of rheumatoid arthritis with

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Bceiiis to have receivral Bu])port from the occurrence of articular ri

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examination a transverse incision was found in the left forearm about

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ber of cases with great satisfaction to himself and to his patients. A

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41. Sporogony of Plasmodium vivax Grassi and Feletti: Develop-

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persons, that chronic pharyngitis has a tendency to eventuate in pulmonary

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some parts than in others ; not as an affection in which any hard and

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inhalations, supposed to be secret, and discredited by behaviour

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misused authority of local nonentities. Dr. Lamont has

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color of the gravel, if voided, is dark brown or yellow. Its prevention will

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correspond. The respective ophthalmo- and cutaneo-reactions are in-

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certain number of cases there is tenderness extending backward

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The history of myelitis shows how neurologists generally have

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