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you have a large enough opening already to allow of
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blood. Several specimens should be examined under the microscope;
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Gastel, who was affected with ^taract, cause the opaque lens to pass
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The reformatory treatment of criminals is that which
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sent to the board a certificate of registration in the
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and which seems to be dependent on an arrest in the development of the
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and safety. I once heard that "a partial vacuum exists in the abdomen
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leaving hospital he was for four weeks under quack treatment ; getting steaks, ale,
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empirical until carried to a point coincident with, or
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lar^Tix disappeared only slowly. In any case a Wassermann test should be
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sition and be lost. It will be perceived, too, that it requires a longer time lor
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cular contraction has been induced. This to rest; and therefore he recovered,
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the chiasma, in such a situation as to compress a part of the optic nerve, and also a part of
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the blood has been already referred to as being primarily stimulation,
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Functional derangement of the heart caused by cycling resembles much
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and which would serve as a centre of teaching and research in radiology
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affected as well as the lateral, and, as in most other degenerative diseases
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the patient's friends that he had been in the habit, for ei^ht months
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This child aged 3, has been in hospital three weeks, and is conse-
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42 ford, pryor: observations on pasteurization of milk
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happening while these remain entire. Indeed, sometimes inflammation takes
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flocculus there was anaesthesia of both corneae. In this case there was
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styptic cotton, the latter being held in position by a
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John C. Shaw, of New Bedford, Dr. W. T. Hopkins, of Lynn,
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sible to mistake one for the other. Cases, however, do occur which, in
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kind. It brings together a good many cases which we had not
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tion. There was no discharge of blood. The only theory which
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be shown of the wisdom of such movement ; and so it may be insisted
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only been torn, but dragged from its attachment by ma-
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gested condition of the mouth and throat, with formation of much

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