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general rules regarding the dosage of antitoxin are sufficiently well

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remedies useful in these deteriorations of the skin are, baths,

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Case 3d. — Infantile convulsions. The parents of this child

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an aid to young men who have engaged in the study of medicine, to

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I think the toxemia of late pregnancy in which cesarean section

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is not entirely confined to them, as is shown by the frequent occurrence

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land, representative business men were also included in the membf

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it be serous'perimetritis, at the end of a fortnight of this treatment it will be

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In none of these localities has the germ been definitely

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Dr. John A. Vincent, of Springfield, 111., expressed confidence

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with charpie moistened with a dilute solution. At first only a slight

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attended with some pain, he was enabled, after a few visits, to

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being implicated. Mr. Chavasse, in replying, contended

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made with Dr. Bowen, Rome, New York, to publish in com-

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internal recti muscles (muscular asthenopia), so that the requisite

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such legislation would therefore be unconstitutional. The unconsti-

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bacillus will do away with all the ills of life, to those who

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shelled out. In the fibrous variety the lobe must be

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ble of involving all the fibers of the posterior thoracic nerve

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Foundling Asylum, and most of them under three years

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of toning up the muscles, and, indeed, of the whole system, iu such

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increased throbbing and circulation of blood about an inflamed

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heart muscle, where we are accustomed to look for them.

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but in most it is apparently due to the presence of one of those forms

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actual degeneration of the cells of these glands. In Case 1 there was

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continued to read his course of lectures in college. But in the course of

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forced by the logic of facts to admit them to be the cause of epidemic

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Parasites That Prey Upon the Human Body — Dr. Thomas W. Davis, Win-

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