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Latin " was appointed, and a similar division of another chair
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Animal experiments led to the same result. We may accord-
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may enable him to turn the valuable statistics which
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uterus, or if injuries have been sustained, vaginal
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1 This paper formed the basis of a thesis for the degree of M.D. of the
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Petersburg, has well remarked that the materials for decom-
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wholly lost, the patient rarely being entirely free from asthmatic dyspnea,
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muscles outside the pelvis, and those of the inferior extremities, were full,
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In general we may conclude as follows: F'irst. that
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is no absolute proof. The latter mode of propagation has only been
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lessen salivary secretion, but atropine is most notable in this
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595. Dr. Clark, the third vice-president, is from Mas-
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and east winds are particularly harmful, though it is just possible that the
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menstruation will be delayed in its onset, although h
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intravenous injections of salines was demanded. Kerr had seen such
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rational treatment for intussusception, and that if per-
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over the other and the patient then rolled over the edge or drawn
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portant role in its production. It is sometimes premonitory of dis-
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been opposed by several competent observers, prominent
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which is of congenital origin, occurs in all degrees of severity (p. 661).
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j> portal fissure, g pliice from which the gall-bladder had been removed,
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lower border of one lung contained a whitish-yellow wedge-shaped mass,
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In children the dose should be 10-14 mg per kg per day
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early stages of this disease. A few are taken off sud-
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As the simultaneous luxation of both shoulders, or indeed of
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articulaire fe prefente, et i'on juge combien il e(t facile de la couper
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can be of assistance to him ; by sharing with him our knowl-

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