which was situated at the fundus. The patient was greatly reduced by
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number of deaths occurs, however, between the years skill. 'Iliese ue that the public cannot judge of the
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In the want of an accurate diagnostic symptom between sy-
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article from the pen of Dr. A. D. Rockwell.^ He reported
most surgeons would perform a cecostomy. For similar
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presence of air bubbles in the wound, difficult breathing, cough, and
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form — an unramified ring — could be moulded in a bronchial tube.
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paralysis agitans presented themselves, and the fell disease
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festly degenerated, and presented the appearance described as
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Cocks read a paper on " Eye Symptoms as Aids to Diag-
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there was a softening of the entire left internal capsule and of the
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carbonic acid the stomach is so much more tolerant of it. We havelfound
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centric arrangement. The lacunae were branched, and
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matic event, with symptomatic recurrent subluxation epi-
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for the young man who is willing to take the excep-
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tral artery was its failure to dilate promptly after the constriction
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"Maladies des Veines," Tome II., Planches III. and IV.,
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out corresponding parts of the trunk or limbs. They are irregular in distri-
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tations, the employment of charms and talismans, and
is changed. The inspiration is shortened, and the expiration is greatly pro-
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duty as Medical Director of that Depaitment, reliev-
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as a case in which a radical mistake in diagnosis might be made
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sium* or Ammonia with Fowler's Solution of the Arsenite of Potash are
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December 10, 190S.) American Journal of the Medical Sciences, vol. 137, No.
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radium treatment. Do not forget to treat the glands, even if not
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