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same chapter. Of course one finds a clear account of

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for forty years, and was only attacked five years ago : but

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again postponed the operation. Five days after cessation of

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may be brought before us. This, I acknowledge, I should

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mence to deteriorate and go steadily on through life, till use of it was

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inflammatory condition of the adenoids combined with increased mucus or

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tion of the shock which is usually present for some

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this same wort, pour it well refined into the nostrils.

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application of rancid wool would be improper, let it be surrounded with washed

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can often be obtained by accurate therapeutic management.

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ing in our schools of a five-word notice, "Prohibit

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and hyperextension of the metacarpo-phalangeal joints of the fingers.

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7. It is usually stated that there is a gradual increase in blood-

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empliasize the importance of an intelligent and systematic

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escape of air from the lung into the pleural sac In fracture of the

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shells are: (1) accuracy, (2) concentration. (3) surprise, (4) gen-

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Deutsche rail -arztl. Ztschr., Berl., 1889, xviii, 301-306.—

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other diseases than Asiatic cholera. Furthermore, the

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occurred of severe and even fatal puerperal fever, in which

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here in America, have also felt the need of laboratory

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cubic centimeter. Without delay, a loopful of a pure culture of the

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and only 42 per cent, among females. It is no doubt true that

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slight variation according to the condition and location of the

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direct rays of the sun that the deleterious material of the soil is

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pamphlet, which certainly reflects no little credit

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man shall report an outline of the arrangements to the

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ease. Normal salt solution by hypK)dernioclysis may be tried. Oxygen should

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There was much effused and much to be absorbed. The folds

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the right side, and the pylorus well over to the left The

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is an occasional complication. Cellulitis, abscess formation, and septicajmia

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of the infection, although an examination of the water revealed no impurity.

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of such patients had failed to consult physicians in time. In

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