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him at home, the degree of LL.D. was conferred on him by the

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greatly alarmed by the vast disgorgement of blood from the

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and may be obtained from them by distillation. Formerly it

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them must proceed immediately from the spinal cord; but this fact

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mention of clerical (!) science ; for every so-called branch of science, is

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gush of blood was profuse. He sat down upon the steps of a

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Finklestein, Harold, Durham; Johns Hopkins, 1928 1937 1938

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physical examination had been made. The heart showed

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Peter was the headquarters of the Sixth Regiment, under the command of

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civilization. However, he said, there may after all

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occur without evidence of bone injury. 3 It may also occur

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and if mutually agreeable after one year, may become

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position which all civilized nations permit and ex-

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the patient to respire the antiseptic. His duty is to replenish

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pleuritic effusion also filled the greater part of the left cliest.

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sumption, diabetes, etc. Here musical and dramatic entertainments-

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A French Cholera Commission in Italy.— According to

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pouch. The temperature was now 103° and the pulse 100.

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ket range from $6 to $12 for fairly good animals, though many are

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"As an aid in reestablishing a normal rhythm, the tem-

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lapse from heart-failure. I cannot recall a single case in

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tality could not be lowered. With any other method of

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over which he has passed in the two previous courses. In the last of these he

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two distinct relapses. There is very marked in this

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consumption, cholera; in leucKmia and other diseases.

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through wiiicli the; pressure from aliove was transmitted, and so coming into

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The anatomical characters of locomotor ataxia consist of sclerosis of the

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recorded on a very few occasions one, two, or more distant

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considered nonsymptom producing as has been noted in heavy Ascaris infections.

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of Ephraim McDowell. All honor to this honest, great, wise, heroic,


of the England, and those of the two pilots mentioned on a previ-

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Mr. Erichsen has given us in this work; a most complete synopsis of

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