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insulin in these 3 cases the change is that the hypoglycemia comes
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or rooms, intelligent nursing, appliances for disinfection, etc., a com-
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me we will accomplish good, and this was my aim in the management
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and thought there would probably be very little difference. Dr Ker
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tions of Malaria and Pneumonia. Investigations of the author on the relations of
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may e.xJiibit faults and inconsistencies, or a dis-
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fault is especially encountered in the thoracic portion of the eso-
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tract lesions, when the sole of the foot is irritated,
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The table shows that digestion is much less active in a neutral
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general de qualite superieure, preparees avec plus de soin, en pro-
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There were general pallor of countenance and slight
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and it becomes a matter of serious moment, if the administra-
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the connective tissues, which has been rendered by the action of the liver
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odorless. Each compressed tablet contains (1/12 gr ) 5.4 mg of Yohimbine
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are necessary, the author has had excellent results from the injection
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descent of funis and an arm. One case by perforation
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founded, and to revise the book that was to carry his name down to
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a Junior Physician as medical tutor, and a Junior Surgeon
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is an affection peculiar to females, but it occurs in males. I have notes
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action by tonic remedies, a nutritious alimentation and alcoholics. It there
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* Laryngoscope, Feb. 1935, V ol. XLV, No. 2, 149-154
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There were two plans adopted to fulfil the necessary indi-
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regard to the full extent of injury, I again put on
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Election of officers was held at the annual meeting
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Archives de Toxicolo^ie for January. — British Meaical
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on the membranes, softening of the cerebral tissues, and circumscribed
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the craniotomy instruments, has led, within the last century,
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paedic apparatus applied. There was no improvement.
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Much of the work is devoted to a detailed account of the
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normal, but during the actual attack they are lower than
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and mechanical preparations for being photographed rendered
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49 'Results of Treatment of Cancer of the Cervix, and the Unre-
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tric man. Visiting this country early in the present

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