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Phthisis. I Croup. I Scar. Fev. I Pueumon. I Variola. I Dyscnterj'. I Typ. Fever. I Diphtheria.
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In Pittsburg, St. Francis Hospital has for many years cared for
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Summnry. — In this experiment 0.3 cc. was injected and about five drops were
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Kept company with a boy who died of tuberculosis in
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modus operandi is simpler for the latter. The future un-
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hysterical manifestation a paralysis or a contracture. It is not paroxysmal
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time, many of the modes employed to accomplish internal urethrotomy will not
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weight remained fairly constant, he gained considerably in muscular force,
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vomiting is a marked symptom. The stools are numerous, and vary in
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Swansea, and in six months the bank failed, and Mr. Day lost
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1903, for operation, which was done on January 13, a large accumulation
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The subclavian artery was first ligated between the soaleni mus-
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fevers may be the result of improper habits in regard to the
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case in which highly vascular, warty growths had disap-
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been violently distended; creating the most intense suffering,
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another, removed, saturated with dark l)lo()d, and the
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mixed with dry food, were rendered barren, and that
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ministration, — while the patient was laboring under an anaemic condition,
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' Alilstroni (.Jenuv). Combined eve-shade and head-
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140. The temperature was normal practically ;ill the time.
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Juvara. Contribution h l'6tude anatomique du muscle
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for a second ligature on the blood supply, thereby reinforcing the
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6. Pottinger JM, Herwaldt LA, Perl TM. Infect Control
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case of excessivp rlamarro J ^ '. "'^ tenantry, m the
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This child aged 3, has been in hospital three weeks, and is conse-
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speedily as possible by extending its manufacture and in
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inferior thyroid artery in its extracapsular course.
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H. M. Hearn, of Statesville, Wilson County, and Dr. H. J. Maney, of
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stupor and physical pains caused by colds. Or, take 1 hand-
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sell pork sausage for horse sausage, which for some

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