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Absorption in the Ultra-Violet. — Sunlight contains much

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shells are: (1) accuracy, (2) concentration. (3) surprise, (4) gen-

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in this so-called epidemic form. An inflammation beginning in the

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has eaten a good meal of some of these, then allow him

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progressing; the necrotic crust begins to separate at the

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the report from the committee of the County Society


Canada, who introduced the veratrum treatment at my request,

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pure, and agglutinate with ''579" rabbit serum at 1 : 200.

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special qualities, are usually also distinguishable from the normal heart

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children. Ihe fever which at once occurs is usually intense,

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exophthalmic goitre could be caused thereby. Boddaert succeeded in

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that the static machine is very far from being an ideal machine,

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removed by two operations; left town apparently well, and con-

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institution of the character contemplated by the douor ; but

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Six cases of Childbirth under the influence of Chloroform: fatal result of it at the

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has been, in bringing together for lying-in a small number, greater

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years ago, when her grown daughters took charge of all the household affairs

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Pain. — This is often absent for a long period, and is rather variable

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reformation of intemperate habits is effected. It is one of the occasional

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metal Avater-pipe is employed, and the oxide is placed on numerous

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The author cites a fatal case of cardiac thrombus in a yomig girl.

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theritic exudation; the third day it had extended over the

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left ventricle, 5 of both ventricles, and in 4 the heart was normal.

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