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that the fluid would form collections in the kidney

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white spot upon the cornea had become smaller and more

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contraction of some of the scapular muscles ; and irritation of the palm

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becomes feverish, emaciated, and has the usual appearances of septicaemia.

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Clinical Professor of Venereal Diseases in the College of Phy-

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Cases Illustrating the Connection between Phthisis and Brain Disease.

vagifem cost

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From the Departments of Medicine (Dr Linn) and Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Medicine (Dr Yager), University of California, Los Angeles, School of Medicine.

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Kuehne I have never been able to demonstrate, the albu-

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favorite pupil and the very dear friend. These circum-

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assume that rare and consequently striking complications gave rise to

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every three hours, was prescribed ; the next day the pains of

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reagent for glucose (see Urine), and with a solution of iodopotassic

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HONORS TO NEW MEMBERS OF "50 YEAR CLUB": The following members will be

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of the treatment fully would require details which do not pro-

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was not different from that of the population at Spartan Mills. The

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the attack, during which this urine was excreted, I obtained another specimen

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Several of the propositions set forth require elaboration and dis-

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demics did not possess the characteristics of oriental plague, were so designated.

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to a diagnosis of pericarditis that proved to be absent on post-mortem

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maintained, however, in the authorship of this than in that of

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In a recent article Rost states that he thinks there is evidence to show that the,

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With chloral I have had but little experience. Dr. Pinard, in his

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red clover, straining and boiling down the liquid to the

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collecting and mailing specimens for laboratory examination, and

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waite, far from being an unworthy representative of the class. To thosa

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anything likea bulbar affection of the larynx or pharynx.

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sailors in receipt of the usual wages, and who would otherwise be unem-

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In 1905, the Legislature of the State of Pennsylvania passed

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