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were started by the producers subscribing for the stock to the extent of the cost of

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but practising it when other means fail to check the

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although of a mild type, and that such mild cases were

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of two patients were annually operated upon, in the Manchester

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to have frequently resulted in hypertrophy. The one

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very small size, which do not grow in gelatin, probably

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We may, therefore, at this time reasonaljly ask our-

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in that city. The Leeuwarden Society for the Promo-

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within a few days the colour returns. It is then put up in a

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before me a new picture of him — a picture I had never suspected to

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for the purpose of locomotion. The diseased member thus be-

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instrument was repeatedly thrown backwards and forwards

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dont not belong to yellow fever and in truly case of yellow

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strength may diminish very rapidly. Sir J. Clark, in like manner, found it

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sion, it should be attempted at once, not waiting for the mem-

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vomited matter is composed of the contents of the stom-

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des Sciences ; condemns as dangerous the use of the hy-

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and fluid from the vagina, and deposits the latter in a con-


The Physical Phenomena of Revivals. — j broken out with great violence in some

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inch of the upper vagina is filled with absorbent cotton saturated with the bicar-

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certainly seems overwork. But it is very hard to make

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cloth is used, four or five layers may be sufficient. If quite

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Alum in powder is an excellent remedy in croup to promote vom-

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(anterior-tibial) group of muscles still react poorly to faradism, but

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results of our observations are shown in Tables 1 to 5.

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tioned Mellin's,Horlick's, Nestle"s, Ridge's,Carnrick's,

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signs of bronchitis, broncho-pulmonary oedema or pleural effusion, which

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and domestic assistants at present, that any book, however

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