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collecting and mailing specimens for laboratory examination, and

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the abolishment of the canteen ; whether the percentage of

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he gives a possible differential sign. In patients with large

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ally distended and resonant, but not to that degree that we ob-

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information from this literature as to the points which have been

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tinued for some time, there is apt to be a profound

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and fairly stated by Professor Osborn, himself a La-

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r^^sriiaiion. especially wheiw as in [vripheral neuritis, the

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years, a striking example of the effects of the depressing passions

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years, with a rate of twenty-four per cent. The mor-

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and remained latent for a number of years, but it is not always possible

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penis and on to the pubes for 3 to 4 in., it had also spread into the fold of

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nique) used these articles after a single exposure of half an hour to steam

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imaginary power of body and mind, becomes desponding, sullen, melancholic,

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urine was passing along the urethra, without any trickling through

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fields and are subjected to the predisposing causes of cold and fatigue.

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An extreme degree of spasm of the oesophagus is described under the

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portion of the toxic material in the shed blood. Infusion of normal saline

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rooms are spacious and commodious, and the various cabinets are richly supplied. The graduation

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some prominent authorities, cases were met with almost daily

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successful, expecting thereby to gain sufficient time to ligate the common carotid. At

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kidneys are always congested to a greater or less extent. The less that

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fi-esh and pure. It is well to test the pills by bit-

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jerking of the head and lower jaw, with marked twitchings of

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Sun, and that over the question of ** dioptric " or "diop-

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in comiectioQ with local treatment in the fixed form, the systcmatio

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ter, which had been left in the ureter, and the pelvis and ureter

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that he had ever heard Dr. Ellzey on antiseptics, but

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She was almost comatose before operation, being only able

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as a thing very apt to be carped at ; but remember-

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has been convened to consider matters intimately bearing on the proposed

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