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appears abnormally prominent, and distinct hollows are present above and
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As regards treatment addressed directly to the paralysis, the measures are
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The injection of influenza bacilli or their "toxins" often resulted
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becomes extremely ill, after it has been feeding with a good
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the site of the injection should be slowly but strongly massaged
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still laboured, and the pulse is full, soft, and compressible. The external
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ology of the body, is a prolific source of the disease. Bad
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many serious defects, literary and other, it does not do full justice
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make use of the serum plate method described in the section on the examination of
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by the aid of the flagella they are enabled to move
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from inside of clieek without heuioirliage into tbe mouth-
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occurred in a girl, aged nine, who had also had ear disease, and who was
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measured 6£ inches transversely. In a single part which I here
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a doctrine which may do immeasurable personal injury to
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criminal by the name of Dewilde. This latter after two attacks of ' 'heart
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are three distinct types, as follows: 1. The various
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called it, was anything but a bridle to passion ; it was more
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of bromide of potash at bedtime. The effect of the pills
It seems it was invented by the celebrated chemist Marggraf, many
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century. Not because the bulletins were so explicit, truthful, and
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In 8 cases the squint had followed an attack of epilep-
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sites lurking in the follicles. The true progress can only be told by
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itself in arresting the progress and averting a fatal termination of this
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the ripening is its destructive process. It never should
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cases a long large pustule arises at each scarification‚ÄĒ this
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either destroyed it, or so altered its character as to
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25, But this valuable genus is not confined to the fouthern he-
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Section 1. The directors of the State Prison and the Super-
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elasticity of the attachments of deflected parts, it facilitates
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The inflammation of the larynx and trachea, which constitutes this

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