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general, as occurring in the j)athological connection in which it usually occurs,
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estivoautumnal fever, two forms or perhaps varieties of the
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Not long after the time when Hunter laid his modest memorial
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carefully removed, for any appreciable amount of fat will interfere
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The Treatment consists in giving the child fresh milk and,
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that most operators prefer an anaesthetic, whether bromide of ethyl,
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from Scandinavia and Russia. In Germany there are more insti-
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where it appears with great violence." There were three mild cases,
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in the summer, as heretofore. Dr. Hilton Fagge, who has
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which wa's read by Dr. F. H. Wiggin, New York, as follows:
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disturbance of the mother, may produce a cerebral defect in
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re.iponsibility : and that the prisoner, being actuated by jealousy,
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what dismayed. This quantity may be estimated as follows :
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not sufficient to produce a retrograde reflex spasm of the oesophageal
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some twelve years ago, when crowds of medical men, who in
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disease, is understood in the old sense of rapid or transient. It is often
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dates must be Graduates of some Uiiiversity of the United Kingdom,
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(c) It removes the whole of the suspended matter, instead of only about
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he considers to be this : a blow is dealt to the cranial
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dent of the Male Department. Candidates must be Fellows, Memljcrs,
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rays are filtered out by the needle walls has been found to be of advan-
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catus, anopheles claviger, and anopheles pietus or pseudo-
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cussion of this topic at this time is irrelevant to our
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