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Ilydrotherapy includes the application of '"S- Patient standing in a vessel of water

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discharges, or as in cholera, &c. ; and if taken in connection with

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be placed in the good health class. The pus cells and casts, no tubercle bacilli found

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tation of the gland either subsides or ends in suppuration ;

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common in his cases after jejunectomy, in- have no direct connection with the lungs,

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In the successful case three needles were inserted into the

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included all the causes which tend to impair the healthful vigour

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in its administration to children. Having frequently employed it

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rounding the cerebro-spinal canal and in the motor centers of

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men are not bad men. You know, doctors, plan isn't complete, but human nature is

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the term typhoid, is expressive of a pathologieal state or condition

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whence it could be brought into the diseased lung and in such

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ยง 106. History. Tuberculosis is one of the oldest dis-

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of the oidium albicans, the germs of which are floating in the

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between them. In fact, almost every case of furious rabies

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dangerous and virulent as that from a case of furious rabies.

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a superficial view, the opposite of that which formerly prevailed.

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pulse; while of course, very great hyper- before they actually appear, being warned

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is used in the French language, as implying death or fatality, as

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observations particulieres de malades traites d' apres la nouvelle

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degree been cleared awa}- and in their place we are con-

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the causal condition and treat that cause, be added in accouchement force, and more

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operation might not be recommended in certain cases. The

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human food are more likely to be affected, and if there is a

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treatment of the insane is to obtain suitable persons to fill this

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probably scarlatina, diphtheria, cancrum oris, hospital gangrene,

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means of a hypodermic syringe. The resulting contagious

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source of infection, other changes have consequence gangrene and rupture are like-

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another or others in overcoming the rest. But until precise

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sample "iJ" was similar in appearance ex- An anonymous writer (.?Dr. Elliot, of

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but he should hesitate to employ it in other cases, and especially for

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