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Then coagulated white of egg was prepared by boiling eggs for fifteen

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the solul)ility of the fibrine. The author added he had seen it induced by the

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an article does not imply an attempt to advertise it.

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Misce: fiat mist. cuj. sumat, coch. ij. ampla urgente nausea vel flatu,

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be relied on as a sufficient basis for diagnosis, but rather

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choroido-retinitis in one eye only, consequent on a very

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As to colour, any tint, from the natural grey through

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the celebrated greyhound, ' Master Magrath,' weighed 9.57 oz.,

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tion was done. But he could not definitely say they were not due to ulcer.^

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phthisis can be excluded ; but, as already stated, such cases are rare.

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future work together to prevent the develoi)ment of epi-

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wound in the uterus just behind the symphysis pubis,

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lose in large part their crankiness. We all know how dependent, one

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unusual had occurred until the night before I saw her, when she was

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tion of the serous and synovial membranes. The occurrence

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hands and contact with unclean underwear. The arm should


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This procedure gave entirely satisfactory results. Bacterial con-

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Although decreasing, diphtheria still lingers in Hartford, where

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but in the struggle one was severely cut on the head. The doctor was promptly

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tered nearly in the centre. Several of the splinters were re-

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question of the apparent discrepancy, which exists between the

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Vienna, Austria, has made use of this iron somatose and records

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ssion, exterior to the liver, by swellings or tumors, and in con-

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In the same number of your periodical (last Saturday's) that you speak

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Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow. —

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panitic. The patient had ceased to take much note of

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of apoplexy, and hemiplegia is wanting ; the pupils respond readily to

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chronic disease of the kidneys, or has been imtemperate, or is otherwise

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through rapid metamorphosis of the uterine tissues.

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treated on the theory that plenty of pabulum should be

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