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about 50 days after x-ray treatment, but the process exceptionally is not yet com-

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anaesthesia with the paralysis of one side, and the paralysis of sensa-

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non-use as well as from the general lack of nutrition.

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know their natural history, what causes them, what will be

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testimony, for the law is settled on that point, as just

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is frequently streaked or dotted with rust-colored pigment, which on

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1868, iii, 210-218. — Ceccherelli (A.) Fistola orinaria

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But. seriously, have we not, as physicians, certain social as well as profes-

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Department of this Journal are only received with the distinct understanding that they

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plication. These occur from the nose, stomach, intestines, and uterus.

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if we may so call it, as distinguished from medication by

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Pregnancy and parturition after fixation, 3 cases. Private : Cases 3, 11 and 22.

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the visible consequences are produced. The mechanical

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Some Influences of Temperature in Photography - - 116

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medica, whence a knowledge of the curative powers of medicines

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stance of the pockets of the deceased having been rifled, led to a suspicion of

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term, some of which will be of great importance both to the medical

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Lowest Temperature on Grass (Radiation) (27th), 20.0°.

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House of Delegates. Amendment shall take effect imme-

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The 116th Annual Meeting of the Colorado Medical Socie^

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Wisconsin. Concerning the second point the Committee noted

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proliferation of cells, and are unable to act, thus producing the dryness and

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material covering the surface of the pars intermedia adhered to the scis-

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originating among the soldiers in the late vrar with Spain.

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end of the fourth day, except the eves, which faded very much more slowly. He

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is 15.6. At this time the polymorphonuclear neutrophilic leucocytes

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day to the Manchester INIaternity Hospital. A full account of her

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vessels cease to contain the blood which resists their contrac-

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were, apparently, due to dropsies of the Nabothian fol-

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(HBsAg), almost certainly represents the true hepatitis B

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treated, the condition becomes serious, and rapidly leads to the death of the

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agonized expression overspread the features, the mouth

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exhibited by the hen, the atrophic condition of the internal organs, and

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of foreign bodies lodged in or on the iris, and in the

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