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delegate to State Meeting, Dr. C. A. Richards; alternate, Dr. J. M. Hogan.

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hydrocele complicating hernia, while a hernia of the bladder and of

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of this drawback, however, the work well repays a care-

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ing the disfigurement so often resulting from cutting the integuments of the

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exposed to these emanations escaped — namely, that of the horse-

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rest of that system ; thus a supply of blood to the brain is maintained

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at length to an antigen of normal tissues and pneumococcus cultures

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coated, cleared off gradually, and the patient has since been in good health.

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Certain interesting facts relate to the susceptibility of the child in

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B. In what class of cases might Pepsin be used, according to the law of

vigorex jarabe

point. If the amount of protein be large, it is a good plan to first dilute the urine

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Pour nous rendre compte de la maladie, nous nous sommes attach^ k

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results of such investigations are regarded by Rosenthal* as possessing

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of infectious or contagious nature, give rise to varieties of verruca.

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that death supervened before necrobiosis had time to develop.

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thus ; — " On these grounds, and because cholera epidemics

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longer in cases of gun-shot than under other wounds of the bladder. Barzel-

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giving 1 c.c. of the toxin-antitoxin mixture (60 to 70 per cent. L+ to each unit

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there may be an eighth group series at the beginning of our

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successfully operated on by incision are reported. The author

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upwards with a similar striji or a blunt hook, the lower end of the

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soon die and the blood is found to be deficient in oxygen.

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is to be seen in her motor and psychomotor manifesta-

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"ack in the flank, between the ribs and the crest of

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Cours d'anatomie medicate, t. iv. p. 117. Paris, 1804. — 23. Prus. Archiv filr Psych.

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if the injury is important enough to require it, and the patient's

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that would be far in excess of the most liberal ex-

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was crushed in one sitting, and not a bad symptom followed. In the other,

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with some observations upon the ante and post-mortem conditions

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form, and about the size of a cocoa-nut. The skin was very tightly stretched

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