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certain number of cases there is tenderness extending backward
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R. Grasset, uncle of Dr. Fred. Grasset, and to Dr. Hamilton,
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intestinal antiseptics and good hygienic surroundings, hemor-
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tiou. Quinia is a highly important remedy in these cases. Associated
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to give considerable trouble, and also spasm of the
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was unknown. There was thirst, loss of ^^ retained for more than forty-eight hours,
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In this way, for instance, the phenomena on the skin in which anti-
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Ofr knowledg-e of leukipmia or leucocytliaemia has ad-
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of patients in hospital became more medical and technical,
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ptyalin readily to glycerin, goes to show that pytalin is ji.rcd by
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it >raj» attended with danger. The criticism was un-
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emergency and to meet the requirements of the duties hereinafter
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ed to prepare a plan for the revision and publication of the pharmaco
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death and return their verdict accordingly. Competently con-
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signifies not that, under more favourable circumstances, and with more skilful
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not attended by a chill, (c) Central Pneumonia. — The exudate may re-
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well be followed by suppuration, phlegmonous inflammj
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important of all advantages — the early correction of their errors
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bladder, very resistant to infection, and unquestionably many bacteria may
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in his frame; that one part is called the cranium, and the. different
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casion increased peristalsis are incited to functional
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to an author named Polydorus Virgilius,^ whose work I have
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the covintries where they have been granted : And Provided the
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( The Lancet), On the fourth day after the commence-

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