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saline solutions into the bowels is sufficiently indicated by the

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foi dislocation. Ann. Siirg.. Phila., 1898, xxviii, 646.—

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post-mortem examination showed a sarcoma in the left upper portion of the fissure of

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lapsing fever occurs the disease may also be transmitted by the Argas

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the large majority of the physicians of the state would have compara-

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The first twelve cases occurred in the vagrant's ward, and the patients

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discharges may contain feces and gas, but when the bowels are emptied

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pain in the abdomen, with cramps in the legs, without diarrhoea.

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that they are sometimes followed by redness of the skin, but

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crista ilii of the right side, percussion over it is

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kept without disinfection for four weeks in his house,

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Dr. Jos. Marsee, the retiring president, delivered a lecture on "Treat-

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vous system which lie immediately beneath the bone. In fractures of

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be uncleanly so that it would be unpleasant to the exam-

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because of intractable pelvic and peritoneal pain, sec-

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majority of cases it is not the best thing for the general

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gradually increased. As the patient becomes accustomed to the

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to time. She is still taking Silica and Tui- 30, but is practically

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with redness and heat, lasting three hours. A year later the feet were per-

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bound to share the same fate, as it respects evolution, when tested by

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circular fracture from bending occurs among the comparatively rare

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a few on the eyelids and cheeks, also a few scattered about

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a long time could not be persuaded that they were not affected with cancer

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those chiefly concerned in the professional ailment be affected, or move-

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by the employment of this drug. In one case especially,

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pectorate, and that pectoriloquy, so common in adults, is very rare

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period to the next, regardless of whether or not the ad-

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of red covers a larger space, yellow still larger, and blue the

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the surrounding towns. These figures show the inten-

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