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for. It should be remembered, however, that the symptoms of

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ContribatioDi for publication should be tent to Dr. R. L. Thorn-

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All these alterations are conveniently given in a tabular form

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material covering the surface of the pars intermedia adhered to the scis-

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bar Islands, Sumatra (especially Singkel), Java (Batavia), Borneo,

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together form a large volume. The work, says Le Clerc,

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fore they are placed in the cupboard or sent out. The blanket

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3 to the mode in which she inflated the lungs was clearly proved, and the

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Associate in Ophthalmology and Otology, Johns Hopkins University;

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Previous articles on this subject by the writer may be

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nation is so little given to quackery as the Irish, and no body

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injuries of the extremities than in similar injuries of the shaft of tlic Ijones.

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the subarachnoid space into the spinal canal. The amount of blood in

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result of all is a paralysis of eye muscles, causing ptosis, squint, and

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merly supposed to be so superior, should have fallen into such disuse, and

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cord in cases of hemiplegia that have come to autopsy

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then surprised to find the bowel so completely occluded

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main, to the. operation of more common causes. Prominent among these I feel

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and flesh-forming constituents, and is well adapted for the purpose of

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attack has no protective influence. Dr. Roupel says he met with

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over seven days, which is an advantage, especially in

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his head upon his arm; this is particularly so in the sleep of alcoholic

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throat, which being unable to spit up he swallowed : on exam-

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health. Hence, our chambers should be large and airy — the higher above the"

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respiration ; and the general lesult was, that by Dr. Hall's method

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fetid, but in a less degree than the breath, and is expectorated

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down only to the mucous membrane dividing the peri-

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many writers, the lowest layer of cells in the rete Malpighii is unchanged in

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charge serous, the capillary action had done well; but, so soon

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