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misused authority of local nonentities. Dr. Lamont has

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water to fill the graduated portion of the measure, each of the

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etc. ; yet the local manifestations are governed by an im[)ortant pathological

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numbers can state the true proportion. The inmates of hospitals have a

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" 8. Both shoulders, both ankles, both elbows, the finger joints of

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12h. 16m. Yomited about half drachm of white froth. Spasms of epi-

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and a bulging of an enlarged precordial area. Mitral insufficiency is

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probably cure him. To make certain, I passed in an explora-

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observed till about the years 1883-84, when several cases were shown

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For the method of obtaining this physical sign, see page 63.

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spondent, and bad been passing sounds and washing out the

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chicken, or an equivalent in mutton, with some green vegetables,

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basis of data about the processes themselves, not the people

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it had originally no refemblance or affinity. We mud, therefore,

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:he floor and pelvic organs of the female patient. This state-

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increased, until by the end of ten days the necessary strength is attained.

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in the United States, last winter, we have elsewhere stated at about

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Wliile, however, the opinions of Wallace, Desruelles,

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which suggested the use of it in the cane. But, after all,

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essary. That statement came from a speech from former

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and gangrene of the lungs (the latter two being rare), tachycardia, and angina

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ously for over ten months. The operation was performed by

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Surgeon. Must be F. or M.R.C.S.E., riol practising pharmacy or mid-

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Having- now gone through fifty cases in succession, our

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Autopsies now and then reveal erosions and lacerations which have

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as unprofitable to science. In the form of notes he occasion-

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contraction, but are not fully dilated by mydriatics. Irritation of the third

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In fact, here in N"orth Carolina can be found cases which present clinical

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brings back the blood with force and closes the semilunar

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and asthma; clinical phases. N. York M. J., 1899, Ixx,

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derived. Based perhaps on experience only in unfavorable

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tion, and is leading public opinion in the direction of

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