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aneurism of the vertebral artery has terminated in recovery.

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give all the information they could, in many instances they were

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209. Bouriicvillc & Ijellaive. Idiotie et 6pilepsie


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a number of transparent vesicles from which a clear or milky fluid

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unrelated nonacid-fast organisms. It is obvious that with such a wide-

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phrectomy by Abdominal Section.*' After giving Simon, of Heidelberg,

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feature of pseuilo-hypcrtrophic paralysis, one cannot help suspecting that its

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number of them get well even under the care of the ordinary physician.

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forceps. But the condition of the patient was exceedingly bad. First

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Seine-Inf. Cons, ceutr. d'hyg. [etc.] 1859, Rouen, 1860,

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opinion as to the part syphilis has played as a complication of rickets, if

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Self-reported cardiovascular risk factors among diabetics and non-diabetics

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Contact Mrs. S. B. Russell, 114% Grand Avenue West,

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strongly to further action at this sitting, and the attempt

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most frequently associated with chronic interstitial

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6. Edwards, E. A. and Edwards, J. E. : The effect of

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arrived at it by following the rule similia similihus curcntur, and

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almost so ; but now they were agitated by nystagmatio*

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the blood — ^whence we may distinguish an active and a passive conges-

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in NaSiville on the ground that the hotels would be in-

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Presidential Address on the Present Position and Future

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completely livid. There was general but not copious

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there are required daily between six and seven pounds, of which about

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suffice, is to excite the action of the large intestine by a simple enema of cold

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to europhen and europheu aristol. J. Am. M. Ass., Chi-

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Dear Sir, — The agreeable duty devolves upon the undersigned committee to pre-

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spirit. Often when reading the calendars of our Can-

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process of development, or whether it contains sporulation forms.

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